A Revolutionary New Theater of Corporate Safety

Beyond Next Generation 911 Solution


SaferMobility turns your Smartphone into your own personal protection device and provides a higher level of safety on your corporate campus...and beyond.

Real-Time Audio and Video Call

Share your Audio and Video with the nearest authorities and the security officers

Timer Escort

In case of uncertainty press and hold the call button, upon release it will initiate the call

Caller Profile

Authorities have an overview of your personal details from the moment they receive the call


This feature allows you to chat with the authorities and explain your situation quetly

Geo Location

Your exact location will be available to the authorities in matter of seconds


Nothing is recorded on the phone, all data is secure on a server

Safe and Reliable

Our technologies provide Corporate Security, Fire, EMS, and other first responders the necessary Real-Time tools required for immediate tactical decision assessments, interdiction and prevention in life-threatening or criminal acts as they occur in a crisis situation.

  • Encrypted Audio, Video and Message Communication
  • Existing campus fixed camera integration capability
  • Geo-Fencing of a single or multiple campus properties
  • Highly customizable platform, adaptable to any corporate environment

Never Be Alone Again

Dispatch can "Push" the same "Real Time" information to the first responders in the field to their tablet. SaferMobility's technologies aide in the mobility of security and dramatically shorten the time in which the most vital information can be provided to responders. Time is always of the essence in emergency situations. SaferMobility bridges the information gap when an individual is in need of immediate location-centric help both on and off your business campus.

SaferMobility App Demo

SaferMobility’s Corporate Safety Solution technologies provide the identity and location of any individual in crisis or in need of assistance anywhere on your business campus. Our CSS also provides vital information about the Caller; including their photograph, company staff position, emergency contacts, any medical or special needs requirements, and other information useful to your Security Dispatch Center in making the initial determination on how to best respond.


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